• cDuel is a cryptocurrency trading simulator game created to help users practice trading and learn more about cryptocurrencies in a fun way. Players join matches, based off various filters, to compete with others to achieve the highest return on investment.

  • cDuel is free-to-play. Players only need a valid email address register. However, players can purchase additional starting capital to play more games at one time or unlock additional features.

  • New players receive $100,000 of starting capital, which is used to purchase entry to games. This balance is changed by wins and losses in matches, and can be changed with purchases of additional capital. A players balance is displayed on their portfolio under “Current Portfolio Value.”

  • In addition to joining public games, players can create private matches for just themselves and their friends. (These games are invite only by email address, players cannot create ‘public’ custom games).

  • 10k 50k 100k 500k 1m Begins Grace Period
    1 day Noon EST 8 hours
    3 day Noon EST 1 day
    1 week Mondays Noon EST 5 days
    1 month 1st of month, Noon EST 1 week
  • Current Portfolio Value: This is the primary tracker of player “score”, it is the aggregate of all the player’s holdings. It is the sum of

    • Unused capital outside of games (money available to join games with)
    • The value of all active game’s current portfolios (which, because prices are live, will fluctuate).
    • The value of unspent capital from all active games.

    Return on Investment:

    This is the player’s cumulative ROI (see simple
ROI definition below) over their cDuel career. It is calculated as:

    The sum of all completed games ending portfolio values plus all active games current portfolio values, minus the sum of all completed games starting capital amounts plus all active games starting capital amounts. The result is divided by the sum of all completed games starting capital amounts plus all active games starting capital amounts.

    • For a player who has not yet entered a game, this will be 0%
    • For a player with only active games (no completed games), this will be the asset-weighted average ROI of their active games.
    • For other players, it is an asset-weighted average ROI of all past and active games.

    Example (using invented starting capital amounts) A player starts with $100k. They enter an $80k game and end at $85k (6.3% ROI) and a $20k game and end at $30k (50% ROI). They then start playing a game with a $110k starting capital, and their portfolio is currently worth $110k (0.9% ROI)

    Note: Their “Current Portfolio Value” would be $116k

    Their resulting “Return on Investment” would be 7.6% (not the simple average of 19.1%), as shown by the following table:

  • Users should begin by pressing on the browse games button on the left and joining a game based off a filter they want to participate in. After they join, users can immediately begin trading by moving over to the active games section.

  • Sponsored matches allow users to receive real rewards by placing as a top rank in a cDuel sponsored match. cDuel hopes to roll out sponsored matches as soon as possible and will update this section as soon as we have a set release date.